What are the sensors?

This section of the SPHERE website will provide information on how the SPHERE technology will be installed, what information it collects and how it works. It will be updated as the project develops. If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact us.

Environmental Sensor
The Environmental Sensor is a small white box that will be attached to a wall in most rooms. It runs on a battery and doesn't connect to any wires or need plugging in to a socket. Here is a short clip that explains how it is installed and what it does.

SPHERE wristbands identify which participant is active and where they are. When combined with silhouette sensors (see below) they can help track a person's quality of movement. This video explains more:

Silhouette Sensor
These sensors provide data about how people move, stand and sit. There are usually three installed - in a living room - hallway and kitchen to analyse how people go about their everyday tasks. This video shows it in action:

Appliance Monitor
Appliance Monitors help detect what kinds of acitivites are taking place in the home by monitoring electricity use. They are plugged into things like TVs, microwaves and kettles.

SPHERE participants are provided with a tablet running an app called the Genie. The Genie shows the battery status of wristbands, and enables participants to delete data or pause the collection of data.

Charging the SPHERE Wristband
The wristband (or "wearable") is battery powered and needs to be charged using a wireless charging device.