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What was Dress/Sense?

Teams of scientists, medics, engineers, designers and textile artists came together in autumn 2014 to compete for a £5000 prize. It was the first wearable technology competition of its kind in Bristol.

Wearable technology has the potential to change people's lives. SPHERE ran a competition to find those individuals who could join multi-disciplinary teams made up of scientists, medics, engineers, designers and textile artists to compete to design a wearable item that will have an impact on an individual's health.

Dress/Sense launched by the President of the Republic of Singapore
23rd October 2014

The President of the Republic of Singapore visited SPHERE on October 23rd. The President was in Bristol as part of the Singaporean State visit to the UK.

The highlight of the visit was the launch of SPHERE’s Dress/Sense competition. Pupils form Bristol Free School and Redmaids' School were enthusiastically demonstrating the Arduino kits that they had been learning to programme. The President took a great interest in their work, and how it could, in the future, help the SPHERE project.

Greg Clark MP, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities gave a speech on the importance of exploring the role of technology in the future of healthcare. SPHERE researchers had created interactive exhibits for the guests to explore, and the scope and inventiveness of the project is really starting to show itself.

Dress/Sense Day 1
28th October 2014

After the launch of the SPHERE Dress/Sense competition by The President of the Republic of Singapore, Saturday saw the first day of the competition. The day got off to a flying start, with 60 competitors turning up full of ideas and energy. The atmosphere was alive with ideas, and there was a lot of excitement in the group, which spanned from 12 year old school children, medical and engineering students to NHS professionals.

After the first day, the competitors were buzzing with ideas and had created their first piece of wearable tech.

Dress/Sense Day 2
8th November 2014

The second day of SPHERE's Dress Sense competition was all about the ideas. The day got off to a flying start with the participants having a chance to meet others and discuss their ideas over spaghetti and jelly beans. 
After that was out the way, the group had two really useful and insightful talks on dementia and diabetes by Dr Jude Hancock and Professor Julian Hamilton-Shield, which greatly inspired the group. Ideas generation followed, with over 20 innovate ideas being put forward.

The group voted on these - those that they thought should go forward and those that were great for another time but not this competition. Teams were then formed, and the planning began.

Dress Sense Day 3
22nd November 2014

Saturday 22nd November saw the final session of SPHERE’s Dress/Sense competition. The day saw the teams working hard to make the most of their precious time together.


 There was an amazing diversity of activity – from soldering, to knitting, CAD design to filmmaking, all competitors seemed to be deeply involved. All that was left was to see who would win...

Dress/Sense Prize-giving
December 5th 2014

The Dress/Sense competition has been an incredible Journey. From the launch by the president of Singapore in October, to the prize-giving on December the 5th, we continued to be surprised and delighted with what we've seen. 

The Watershed played host to the final chapter of this tremendous competition, with the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson awarding Team 3 - 'Yo' a cheque to recognise the huge amount of work they put in to their innovative and unique winning entry. 

The evening was very well attended with everyone greatly impressed with the winning team's skill and imagination in creating the 'Yo' device - a device designed to help those undergoing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

The competition has produced so many devices of such a high standard that this won't be the end. We are inviting all teams in to the SPHERE offices to explore how we can continue to work together.

The evening reflected the cheerful and exciting nature of the competition and was thoroughly enjoyable.

Dress/Sense was funded by SPHERE (an EPSRC IRC) with support from:
Toshiba, Kinneir Dufort, the West of England Academic Science Network (AHSN) and Designability