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Visit the High Tech House at We the Curious
2nd Aug 2018
Hannah Berg explains more here ... ... read more

Opportunistic Passive Radar for Non-Cooperative Contextual Sensing – The OPERA project
9th May 2018
Can your home WiFi router act as a medical sensing device? ... read more

30th Nov 2017
On Saturday 25th November, Consultant orthopaedic surgeons, Mr Michael Whitehouse was a guest on Phil Hammond's BBC Bristol radio programme. They discussed the HEmiSPHERE project and how to get involved. The programme is available online until Christmas. ... read more

IRC Film
18th Oct 2017
SPHERE has been working with i-sense and Proteus to create a short film about the EPSRC funded projects. Enjoy!... read more

Invitation to take part in our Study!
5th Jul 2017
The SPHERE project is currently looking for households who might be interested in helping us test the SPHERE technology in their homes. We are hosting a number of events in the next couple of weeks to show the sensors and how they work, and would love to talk to people who might be interested in helping the project text the equipment. ... read more

Films on our work with Zero-power devices
5th Jan 2017
Bernard Stark and his work package have created short videos to show all of the exciting equipment they have been working on. Take a look at their TV with zero-power when on standby (video) and a demonstration of zero-power RF wake-up (here). If you would like more information on the topic please click here. For more information on the chip click here.... read more

SPHERE project World Technology Award Winners
9th Dec 2016
SPHERE has been named a World Technology Award Winner in the Organisation: Health and Medicine Catagory by the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) – a global community comprised of the most innovative people and organisations at the forefront of science, technology and related fields. Winners were announced at the WTN’s annual World Technology Awards in Los Angeles, USA.... read more

SPHERE project World Technology Award finalist
8th Dec 2016
SPHERE has been named a World Technology Award finalist by the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) – a global community comprised of the most innovative people and organisations at the forefront of science, technology and related fields.... read more

SPHERE at Engage
1st Dec 2016
A research project from the University of Bristol received a finalist award in the national Engage Competition, run by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), for their public health and well-being engagement work.... read more

SPHERE films
2nd Nov 2016
The SPHERE project has been working hard to engage the public in the project from the start. We've hosted many events to talk to, hear from and work with a large number of people over the years. We have recorded some of this work in these short films: read more

SPHERE Shortlisted in the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement's Engage Competition
31st Oct 2016
We are delighted to announce that SPHERE has been shortlisted in the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement's Engage Competition. This is a great achievement in a national competition that receives a large number of high quality entries. SPHERE's position on the shortlist reflects SPHERE's work to generate meaningful co-working and conversation across our engineering and local communities. SPHERE is shortlisted in the competition's Health and Wellbeing category and the final takes p... read more

SPHERE features on BBC's 'Joy of Data'
21st Jul 2016
SPHERE is delighted to have been featured on BBC 4's 'Joy of Data' documentary, presented by Dr Hannah Fry. Fry tells the story of the engineers of the data age, people most of us have never heard of despite the fact they brought about a technological and philosophical revolution. ... read more

Friends of SPHERE update
20th Jul 2016
Over the last few months, SPHERE has been undertaking an exciting and rewarding approach to public engagement. We've travelled around the city attending talks, events, festivals and have had discussions with numerous people. We've run a number of events, demonstrating the technology and listening to the ideas and thoughts of the Friends of SPHERE and the public. ... read more

SPHERE Engagement Stories
13th Jul 2016
SPHERE features on the University of Bristol's 'Engagement Stories' website - have a look at some of the ways the project has been engaging with the public.... read more

Senior Data Science: Safe Aging with SPHERE
7th Jun 2016
Your challenge: help push forward the state of the art by predicting actual activity from sensor data!... read more

Friends of SPHERE at Knowle West Media Centre
3rd May 2016
Knowle West Media Centre hosted a lively and well attended event at the Media Centre on 28th April. We invited the participants to feedback on three important areas of the SPHERE project: The user interface, installation and the quality of movement sensor.... read more

Shaping technology - meet the 'Friends of SPHERE'
3rd Feb 2016
Saturday 30th January saw the first meeting of the 'Friends of SPHERE' - 50 participants who came to help SPHERE shape its future research. Many of SPHERE's researchers came to hear what the public think the SPHERE technology, and how we need to shape our work over the next year or two to create a system that works with, and for, everyone.... read more

An invitation to help shape SPHERE's Research
7th Jan 2016
You are warmly invited to At-Bristol's education space on Saturday 30th January 2016 to find out more about SPHERE's sensors for home healthcare and how you can get involved in helping develop them.... read more

Professor Ian Craddock gives Keynote Speech at IEEE Milan Event
14th Dec 2015
Professor Ian Craddock is to give a keynote speech at the 2015 IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT). The Internet of Things envisions a highly networked future, where every object is integrated to interact with each other, allowing for communications between objects, as well as between humans and objects, which enables the control of intelligent systems in our daily lives. Professor Craddock's talk is entitled "Near you, on you and inside you - IoT for future health"... read more

SPHERE features in IEEE magazine
10th Dec 2015
SPHERE director, Professor Ian Craddock was recently interviewed for the prestigious IEEE 'The Institute' Magazine. In the article Professor Craddock outlines the progress being made by SPHERE and how the SPHERE house and the technology it contains is progressing. The article can be found at ... read more

SPHERE director elected a Fellow of the IEEE
2nd Dec 2015
Professor Ian Craddock, director of SPHERE, has been elected a Fellow of the IEEE, the world's largest and most prestigious professional association for the advancement of technology. ... read more

Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto Symposium: Healthy Living and Active Ageing
6th Nov 2015
This Bristol-Heidelberg-Kyoto joint symposium aims to strengthen tripartite partnerships between the University of Bristol, the University of Heidelberg and Kyoto University. The three universities are world-leading institutions in research and education in Britain, Germany and Japan. ... read more

SPHERE Highly commended at Engagement Awards
15th Oct 2015
SPHERE's Dress/Sense competition has been highly commended at the 2014/15 Engagement Awards. The annual competition is run by the University’s Centre for Public Engagement. Awards are given for outstanding achievement in engagement and researchers at any stage of their careers may participate. A film has been made to celebrate the award.... read more

Congratulations Vahid Soleimani
17th Sep 2015
SPHERE would like to warmly congratulate Vahid Soleimani on winning the 20th British Machine Vision poster award for his work on Remote Pulmonary Function Testing using a Depth Sensor. Well done Vahid!... read more

SPHERE House experiments begin!
5th Aug 2015
SPHERE has started to run the first tests 'in the wild'. The SPHERE technology has been taken out of the lab and installed in a normal two bedroom house. We are looking forward to collecting a lot of data!... read more

SPHERE in The Times
5th Jun 2015
The SPHERE project featured in The Times Newspaper on Friday 5th June 2015. Tom Whipple, Science editor writes a great article about 'The Health House'. The Article can be found on The Times website (paywall). ... read more

SPHERE at Cheltenham Science Festival
14th May 2015
We very pleased to have been invited to Cheltenham Science Festival. Professor Ian Craddock, Director of the SPHERE project, has been asked to talk alongside Professor Madeleine Murtagh on 'THE FUTURE OF HEALTH: ETHICS AND PRIVACY'... read more

The Dress/Sense Film launched!
25th Mar 2015
The film of SPHERE's wearable technology competition, Dress/Sense is here! The short film summarises all of the hard work and energy that went into the fantastic competition.... read more

Long Term Care Revolution
26th Feb 2015
Dritan Kaleshi has presented the SPHERE project at the Technology Strategy Board's 'Long Term Care Revolution' event in London. The Long-term Care Revolution was launched by Innovate UK (then the Technology Strategy Board) in March 2013, with the aims of challenging the conventions, perceptions and structures on which long term care is based currently, and finding radical new alternatives to the institutional model of long-term care.... read more

PhD studentship in Integrative Epidemiology
12th Feb 2015
An exciting opportunity to apply for a 4 Year PhD studentship in Integrative Epidemiology has arisen. This is a Joint IEU/Faculty of Engineering Studentship.... read more

SPHERE features in the Sunday Times
7th Jan 2015
SPHERE recently featured in an article in the Sunday Times. The quotes SPHERE director Professor Ian Craddock describing the SPHERE house as a 'Big Sister House' and predicts "the public will embrace the technology, just as many people track their daily fitness regines on mobile phone apps". 2014 drew a great deal of interest in the SPHERE project, and we look forward eagerly to developments in 2015, as the SPHERE house runs it's first tests!... read more

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer Visits SPHERE
8th Dec 2014
The team was delighted to receive the visit of Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England. She was invited to have a look at the SPHERE house, a highly instrumented space designed to test the sensor platform designed by SPHERE to monitor the wellbeing of people at home.... read more

Dress Sense Winning Team Announced!
5th Dec 2014
The winners of SPHERE's Dress/Sense competition have been announced.... And the winning team is "Team" 3. Congratulations!... read more

19th Nov 2014
SPHERE has recently secured a two bedroom house in Kingsdown, Bristol. The house will be an experimental facility, fully furnished and ready to serve as a highly-instrumental living-lab. ... read more

SPHERE features in The Guardian newspaper
18th Nov 2014
Networked and super fast: welcome to Bristol, the UK’s smartest city A forward-thinking mayor, a creative atmosphere and super-fast internet mean the city outdoes London when it comes to technological innovation... read more

SPHERE Dress/Sense competition day 2
13th Nov 2014
SPHERE's Dress/Sense competition day 2 took place on Saturday 8th November. Ideas have been decided upon, and teams formed, and the groups are now building there wearable devices!... read more

SPHERE Dress Sense Competition Day One!
28th Oct 2014
After the launch of the SPHERE Dress/Sense competition on Thursday 23rd October 2014 by The President of the Republic of Singapore, Saturday saw the first day of the competition.... read more

Dress/Sense competition launched by President of Singapore
24th Oct 2014
The President of the Republic of Singapore yesterday launched the Dress/Sense competition. ... read more

University of Bristol to welcome The President of the Republic of Singapore
22nd Oct 2014
The President of the Republic of Singapore will visit the University of Bristol this week as part of a four-day State Visit to the UK as a guest of Her Majesty The Queen.... read more

SPHERE at Celebrating Age Festival
9th Oct 2014
SPHERE was at Bristol's celebrationg Age festival on Saturday 27th September, listing to what people thought of the project.... read more

Big Data Research Exhibition
15th Jul 2014
SPHERE was invited by the EPSRC to present the project to members of parliament. Attendees were impressed by the scope of the project and they were interested in hearing how the IRC is tackling data security and ethical issues related to health data obtained by novel technologies. SPHERE is working with clinicians, social care professionals, ethics experts, designers and most importantly members of the public to develop technologies that are co-created by users, follow stringent ethical guideli... read more

Participant recruitment
24th Jun 2014
We are currently looking for participants for the research project "Understanding technology and healthcare practices in context". Are you interested in taking part?... read more

SPHERE at Festival of Nature
19th Jun 2014
SPHERE had a fantastic three days at the Festival of Nature in the centre of Bristol, meeting people and getting feedback on the project. We had two great activities that stimulated a lot of discussion!... read more

SPHERE launch and official opening
17th Dec 2013
Official opening of the SPHERE project by VC, Professor Sir Eric Thomas with a £12M fund to set the project in good stead for the coming years. ... read more

SPHERE Animation
25th Sep 2013
Aardman Animations kindly create this animation for the SPHERE project. We're honoured and thankful to their team. ... read more

Official Launch of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute
22nd Jul 2013
The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute officially opened today at the University of Bristol to critical acclaim.... read more

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