Vahid Soleimani

PhD student

Vahid received his BEng in computer engineering and MSc in artificial intelligence from the National University of Iran and Amirkabir University of Technology – Tehran Polytechnic in 2002 and 2005, respectively. After graduation, he served as a hardware engineer in Hoorpendar Computer Technology Industries for two years and designed several electronic measuring and registering devices such as voltage and current transducers, dam gate controllers and all-in-one data loggers.

He joined Razi University as a lecturer in 2008 which he continued until 2014, before starting his PhD at University of Bristol. Currently, he is working towards his PhD in the visual information laboratory at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Professor Majid Mirmehdi and Dr Dima Damen. Vahid has been awarded a prestigious funding by the Alumni and Friends Foundation to complete his PhD at the University of Bristol. His PhD research focuses on Remote, Vision-based Pulmonary Function Testing. Below are some of the works he has been doing during his PhD.

His main research areas are computer vision and image processing, biomedical engineering and signal processing. He is a member of University of Bristol SPHERE project and collaborating with the video monitoring team.